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I need assistance with Backlight / Auto Lock question


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Dec 27, 2010
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Mesquite Texas USA
Ok, in settings, General the max is 5 min (which I now have checked) is the max setting that you can use other than "never".

Is there a way (maybe a utility with cydia) to increase the backlight time before the screen goes blank? Don't really care if it stays unlocked as thats fine. I just want the option to make the phone backlight to stay on longer than the 5 min time frame or else you have to tap the screen if you are not using a app. I run a speedometer app that shows my actual MPH i am driving in my car ( cydia ) as my speedometer is broke in my car. The app runs great btw but after every 5 min I have to tap the screen on the Iphone 4 when the screen goes blank. I dont want to have to do this every 5 min or so.