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I Lost My iPhone !


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Aug 1, 2010
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I was so happy w/ my iPhone i had it exactly 32 days and now its lost.
I am looking online for tips on how to find it, since iphone4g seems to be very high tech isn't there a way to retrieve my phone??

Apple and at&t are not help there solution is to dis-activate the phone and buy another one as if we all have the extra money to buy iPhones everyday.

i know there are apps to download before loosing it but what about after i lose it anyone know of a way to find it??

Please Help.

This is awful I'm devastated that i lost my phone.

soooo sorry. i hope u find it. u mentioned apps to download before losing phone. im going to look for those right now because im always misplacing things. again i hope u find it.
i am really sorry! i hope you find it.. i don't know about anything, but if you find it i recommend purchasing a mobile me subscription and then get the app from apple.