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i have NO clue what im doing.....


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Sep 21, 2010
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how do i put ringtones thats on my comp (using windows 7) that i have saved from like phonezoo how do i put them as ringtones thru itunes?? they show up in the music file on itunes. but dont show up on my phone what do i do?? like i said i have no clue what im doing i just got this iphone 4 yesterday please help.
To my understanding you need to convert them in itunes and cannot be longer then 30 sec. they must be a supported file format as well.

I am running Win 7 and have successfully got 1 ringtone on my iPhone. I will update shortly with instructions
Step 1: Connect your iPhone 4 to your pc, and launch iTunes
Step 2: Find the song you want to use.
Step 3: If its longer then 30 seconds Right click the song (in iTunes) and select "Get Info" then click on Options and set it to end at 30 seconds. Click OK
Step 4: Right click the file again and click "create AAC Version".
Step 5: Right click the new file it created and click on "show in windows explorer". You will see it and should end in .m4a This needs to be changed to m4r. To do this simply right click and click rename, then change the a to r

NOTE: You will need to have your windows set to show the file extensions

Step 6: In iTunes under your device you should see a folder called "Ringtones" (If not go to edit and preferences then make sure there is a check in "Ringtones", if there is, remove it, hit ok, then go back in and put the check back"

Step 7: Click on the Ringtones under your device and you can simple drag and drop the .m4r file into this folder.

Now you can select this as your ringtone on your iPhone

THE ONLY PROBLEM: Doing it this way only allows you to have 1 ringtone at a time. In the pic below you can see i have 2 ringtones, but only the newest one you drop in shows up, i dont know why.

Hope this helps.


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I got it figured out how to add as many ringtones as you want, once again, ill update shortly with a write up that will work 100%
thanks venom imma try ill let u know what happens ;-) lol.
You are welcome. I know you can get apps to do this, but for me, this so far is my preferred method as I already had 30 second .mp3's i used on my BB Curve 8330.

Also, http://audiko.net seems like a cool site, this was mentioned in my other thread.
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