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I am so ready for my iphone4.


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Jul 6, 2010
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I am going to sound like a whiney teen ha.

I am on a htc fuze/att now.. and while I loved my tilt I loath this phone To many things to fuss about. I was going out of contract under my Tilt and broke it, and got the fuze as the ins plan just to wait out the contract and I was going to a 3g. So rumors are there is a new one coming out.. I can wait right? I am an a adult after all. So my punk brother who gets everything idk how he does it but he does... we ordered our phones on the same day, on the same computer .

Mine gets kicked out for some reason, and he got his yesterday... and I am still waiting. Something like the 17th to be shipped. Whaaa... and my ipad is later then that date.. so 2 new things I am waiting on.

I have found all kinda of neat apps to keep the 5 yr old and 3 yr old monsters quite while I talk to clients about orders. I want a screen that is responsive.I love the folder system!

I am not good a waiting, and I have a 12 yr old girl that wants my icky fuze.(dd) Not that I think I am going to add her to my line yet.

You would think being in your 30's you would learn life is hurry up and wait :/, and I suck at it haaahaa...
anyway.. I hate to wish time away but come on iphone.
Welcome! I know the feeling... I havetoo sit and wait every year.... ;). But it's always worth it!
i know the feeling, is the worse part but before you know it ull have it in your hands
yes i was like this really bad, but my order status says i should receive mines tomorrow, so excitement has taken over my anxious feeling in a good way aha
The worst part for me was when I tracked it on Fedex, it said out for delivery by 3:00pm and the driver didn't get to my house till 8:32pm. I thought I had to wait another day.
I loath my fedex man... he thinks I live in the sticks and its so hard to find grrr... but he creeps me out anyway

I will either get a call he could not find my house on his Gps or he will say he attempted to deliver it and not even come out.

now my ups man I see 3 times a week I like LOL Oh well, I just want it to ship now.