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how to tell if FAKE ?


Jan 2, 2011
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ive been a ebay user for 2 years and only last month my first unpleasant buy became a nightmare when i won a bid for a iphone 4, payed it and never saw the item again from a canadian seller... complaint was made and process opened by ebay and paypal who gave me support and refund of the $500 within a week.

this week im betting again on a french iphone 4 and requested pics of the cellphone to the nice lady seller lady, who explained the reason of the sale and the state in which is the iphone with picture sent.

im confident its the real deal but HOW can you tell if its a fake by looking at the 3 pics in my gallery inside profile (101_1820.jpg to 101_1822.jpg) ??? theres been a lot of replicas and some are pretty good coming from asia with low price tag (but under 400€ i wouldnt buy it as a sign) but then again what if its a fake cellphone and the seller makes 300% profit on the final bidding price?

should i ask for a pic of the box sticker with serial number? the box is black and doesnt mention the 4 generation on it (because its supposed to be a replacement new iphone from her defective one) but in the meantime (due to delays in shipping) she bought a new one so she ended up with 2 iphones - now shes selling the apple guarantied factory iphone.


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Nov 3, 2010
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Scotland, UK

Well the box is defiantly fake. The charger and cable are not official apple ones. As for the phone it looks good except the writing on the back. It's not very clear but it should say iPhone where it looks like it does but there should also be writing underneath that as well as all the various CE marks.

If it was me I wouldn't be buying it...

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