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How to sync photos from iMac folder to iPhone 7?


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Sep 29, 2016
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My wife wants to sync all of her photos from a folder she has on her iMac, into a single photo directory on her iPhone, but when she syncs, the iPhone's creating a million folders for each date she took pics. How can she sync them into a single folder?

Here are some details:
  • All photos are currently in a stand alone folder on her iMac. They are not in iTunes.
  • It looks like the sync was working, but it's trying to add a new folder for each date she took a photo. There's like hundreds of folders in her iPhone photos now. Hopefully, that was a mistake because if that's the way it's supposed to work, that's insane!
  • She stopped the sync before completing it, after seeing the hundreds of dated folders setup on her phone.
I'd appreciated any help you can provide.


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Mar 16, 2011
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Use Photos application on your iMac to organize your photo library. Create folders and name albums how you'd like for them to appear in your photos list on your phone.

Then when you plug you iPhone into the iMac and it syncs, make sure you choose the photos tab and allow it to sync using "Photos" application on your Mac.

Easiest and simplest way to keep them organized instead of trying to do them manually.

When browsing the photos on your phone, make sure you select 'albums' along the bottom to see them how you've organized them in Photos on your mac.

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