How to Play 1080p Blu-ray on iPhone 5 - Bluray DVD iPhone 5 Ripper

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    Despite of playing Blu-ray videos on Blu-ray Player or PS3, believe it or not, you can also play Blu-ray videos on iPhone 5 to get extraordinary entertainment.

    No doubt the original video format of Blu-ray disc, namely, M2TS cannot be accepted by Apple products including iPhone 5 or any other portable devices, but with help of Blu-ray iPhone ripper, you can easily convert M2TS to MP4/H.264 for later playback on iPhone 5.

    What You need: WinX Bluray DVD iPhone Ripper

    [​IMG]-----WinX Bluray DVD iPhone Ripper will be used for the test; It gives you the easiest way to play Hollywood, Disney Blu-ray DVD movie on iPhone. No need to purchase movie from iTunes or worry about format compatibility, this Blu-ray to iPhone ripper and DVD to iPhone converter helps you compress and convert Blu-ray DVD to iPhone iPod MP4 H.264 video for smooth playback on your iPhone 5/4S as well as iPad/3, iPod/5 and Apple TV.

    Download & have WinX Bluray DVD iPhone Ripper installed


    How to Convert Blu-ray to H.264:

    1. Launch WinX Bluray DVD iPhone Ripper;
    2. Insert a piece of Blu-ray disc;
    3. Click "Bluray" to load video;
    4. Set output folder as target location to save ripped video;
    5. Select "to iPhone" and a model in the profile setting;
    6. Click "Start".

    The steps of ripping DVDs to iPhone are almost the same as the ones of Blu-ray to iPhone;
    You may adjust the audio/video setting to meet personal needs;
    In the profile setting, choose "iPhone 5: 1920x1080 H264:Video-H264, 1920:1080, 2000kbps, Audio-128kbps, 44100hz" and there are other 3 different resolutions for iPhone 5.

    Full guide: Rip Blu-ray to iPhone - Bluray to iPhone Converter to rip Blu Ray to iPhone 4, iPod touch 4

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