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How to make your own iPad wallpaper?


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Aug 1, 2010
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Different iPad Wallpaper may bring you different feelings everyday. In one sense, making iPad wallpaper is just like making wallpaper for any other type of display: crop your image to the appropriate size and save it at the right dpi. But don’t you want to design your own personalized wallpaper?

This app can help you to create different and interesting wallpaper on iPad for free.
Follow me the following steps!

Step1. Download and Install
Download it in App Store. It will automatically install after download.

Step2. Design your own picture
The white paper allows you to design what’s in your mind. Come on and just show yourself! Use your finger to move on the page and it seems like that you are drawing on a real blackboard.

Step3. Save it to your photo album
It is easy to save your own picture to your photo ablum. Click the last button on the bottom and click Photo Album. Well done, your work has been saved as an image. This is a unique wallpaper for you and your iPad!

Step4. Set it as your iPad wallpaper
Look at your finally wallpaper!
or you can just get them ready made for free at ipadwallpaper.eu ;)
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