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How to add new mp3 to old library ????


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Nov 20, 2010
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Ok guys, so I have a problem, after buying 4 I did backup and everything was nice and dandy, I still have approx. 500 songs that I gathered before from all over and was glad not to have to go through it again, BUT after I tried to add some new mp3 it warns me that the old ones are going to be erased because there can only be one library.
So please help me if you can, how can I add new mp3 and still keep the old ones.
If you are using iTunes just go to file>import and that will bring it into itunes for you to sync.
ive been doing File/add file to library or ctrl+O,on pc

sure wish i could just right click/add to itunes library
thats a good hack/app/trick for a good nerd to come up with
ok guys let me try that, I´ll let u know how it went
If iTunes is set as your default mp3 player then you can just double click any mp3 to play it and it will automatically be added to your library then synced to you phone...