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How To Add Changing ANIMATED Weather Wallpapers for iOS 8 and iOS 8.1


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Being the big tease that it is, in iOS 7 Apple added the ability to have dynamic wallpapers as the background. However, since then we have been stuck with the same wallpapers, with no ability to add or download new ones.

Jailbreak tweak WeatherBoard is here to change that in a far more interesting way. WeatherBoard adds the ability to have animated wallpapers or overlays running on the Springboard background, according to the weather currently in the users locations. Folks who are not fans of the current weather, can also choose from any of the 80 included animated overlays to possibly brighten up a foggy day.

Location-based animated weather wallpapers can be set by simply adding the user's zip code within WeatherBoard settings, while overlays are found on the same page and can be chosen from the list. WeatherBoard seems like a bit of a premium tweak running at $2.49 under the BigBoss repo.
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I have a question. Have you had a problem saving your ringtones from iTunes. I purchased 2 ringtones from iTunes and then it mysterious disappears from my iphone 6 plus. I heard it could have been the iOS update recently . Have you heard anything ?