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How do I sync Words with Friends on FB on my computer to my Phone?


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Feb 14, 2012
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I have WWF on my phone which I play alot. It is also on my computer on FB. How can I play the WWF that is on my computer on my phone? Can that even be done?

One of the people I am playing with on my phone (he also has an iphone) has the FB logo on his initial tile. He had to reinstall WWF and when he did it now shows the FB logo. I do not know yet if he can access his computer WWF games on his phone.

I have a Macbook with Leopard. I am not wifi and I do not have my cell number on my FB account. I DO NOT want constant FB updates on my phone though.

I tried to enter my phone WWF name and it won't take it on my computer because I have a character it does not like. I don't know if that matters. I also have not been able to start a new game on my phone using my FB friends. I ask to start a game and it tells me I'm logged in, or that someone else is using my login. But then I get my list of friends, try to start a game and nothing happens.

I know this isn't some huge operational problem but it's bugging me that i can't do this.

Thanks in advance.

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