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How Do I Control my iPhone 4S desktop from my Win.7 PC "through my iPhones USB cable?


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May 9, 2013
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My Windows 7 PC does not have an Internet connection so therefore I need to control my iPhone 4S's desktop from my Windows 7 PC, through my iPhone's USB cable. I need to not only view my iPhones display/desktop from my Windows 7 PC for free, but I also need to control the iPhone screen so that I don't have to navigate webpages etc. through that Small display. Thank you in advance for a solution that's free!
I also meant to mention: My cell phone service is Through a Verizon wireless business account and I am Unable to change ANY account settings and add "personal hotspot" functionality (In case anyone is thinking there might be an option to do rRAS/Remote Desktop Through that in some way. I also would not feel comfortable jailbreaking my phone if someone is thinking that may be an option. (My phone and service Is through a business So I wouldn't want to do anything that would jeopardize that service or cause them any working anyway, Like asking them to modify their Verizon wireless business account in anyway.)
Jailbreaking hasn't been done reliably on iOS 6.1.3 I heard, so jailbreaking with no risk isn't even an option, right? The problem with jailbreaking is that I risk turning the phone I was loaned into a brick and creating a major problem with the business /friends that gave me a phone and service for free. I heard unlocking a phone is another option. is that less risky than jailbreaking an iOS 6.1.3 iphone? Would that give me the functionality I need without risking messing up my phone and my relationship with his business? ThAnks again in Advance for help.
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Unlocking the phone merely makes it so you can use another carrier plan on it; it has nothing to do with allowing you to control the phone from your PC. To have that type of control, I'm afraid your only option is to jail break it. Controlling a stock iPhone (locked or unlocked) is not possible.

Unfortunately, as Mickey330 said, it is not possible to remotely control your iDevice from your computer without being jailbroken.

My reply: Nobody mentioned "iTools 2012"; one app I did find/install that DOES Allow control of the iPhone, though not to the level I need, as it does not allow me to "view" my iPhone's desktop, which I urgently need, Due to problems viewing this tiny iPhone screen, but preferably I'd like to control my iPhones desktop from my Windows PC. I Urgently need, due to my eyes, to find any Free/Low cost, apps that will allow Controlling, or at least viewing, the iPhone desktop from a PC, via a USB cable and software being installed on the PC, without the iPhone being jailbroken.

iTools 2012 is free and very small -just 3K- & says it Supports "viewing "my iPhone desktop from my PC via a USB cable, and the free itools 2012 software being installed on my PC. The iPhone also has to be connected to the PC via a USB cable. However. I couldn't get the "live desktop tab" to work, which is what one has to enable to view the iPhone desktop/home screen from the PC. I.e. when I tried to view the iPhone desktop from my PC, Via Selecting the itools 2012 App's: "Live desktop tab" (and then clicking the button On the live desktop tab, that enables me to view the iPhones desktop, ) I get the error: Something like: desktop is not available please Try again later. After waiting, and then Trying again, by re-clicking the button, it gives the same error message every time I do so. When I googled the error message online I did notice one article online that vaguely referred to my situation, & from what It said, it didn't work because the iPhones "hotspot option" has to be enabled in my iPhone's settings and that option is not available on the VZW business account my service Is with. (Maybe there's a workaround to that option, because It's not my account and it would be inappropriate to Ask my employer to enable that option (it's a long story). Hopefully somebody here knows of an ap or will help me find an app that provides the functionality I need. Since I did find the app "itools 2012 " that it seems not many people are aware of, that does allow some integration/control of the iPhone without jailbreaking my iPhone, I can't help but assume/hope there must be other apps/workarounds available without jailbreaking my iPhone 4S. Sorry this post is kind Of long, but there's not much worse than not enough detail regarding a situation one is trying to help with. Thanks in advance for any help!

TIP: If you're looking for a free app that you install on your PC, via USB cable, that allows you to drag-and-drop user data/documents, pictures, videos, PDFs etc. etc., In both directions, between your PC/Mac and your non-jailbroken iPhone, then you would probably want to consider the free itools 2012 app that installs on either a Windows or Mac PC, after you connect your iPhone's USB cable to the PC. I don't see how a power user could function without it, unless of course they have a jailbroken iPhone. To find it: simply Google: I tools 2012 download and you'll see a link to The link to the manufacturers website.

You will also want to install another iPhone app/apps that support the functionality of dragging and dropping files from your PC to your iPhone, e.g. FastKeyboard, FileApp PRO (I haven't tried the free version but it may also support the functionality of dragging and dropping files between your PC and FileApp). Thank you!
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iTools is just a file manager, you are not going to be able to actually remotely control your phone unless you're jailbroken

Did you notice that iTools 2012 has the functionality to "view the iPhone desktop"? If I could get that to work, at least I would be able to actually see some webpages on this tiny screen. Can you help me figure out why it doesn't work? I would SO Appreciate it, especially my eyes!