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How did I restore to custom firmware without blobs?


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Sep 6, 2011
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about a week or so ago, I decided I was going to give jailbreaking a try. My friend has always done my iphone and ipod touch. Ipod touch 2g hadn't been updated in, well since I first bought it so it was running 3.1 I believe. Of course, I just jumped right in without doing my homework and began the process. I was following a tutorial and using redsn0w and restored using the firware I wanted to end up at (I just picked the last one available for itouch 2g which seemed to be 4.2.1) and restored through itunes with that ispw file saved to my pc. All went through fine and then all that was left to do was jailbreak. Then I realized the power/sleep button was broke so I was stuck with non jailbreakable ipod now since I can't enter DFU mode and jailbreak me doesn't support the firmware I restored to.

Well, a week or so later and TONS of reading, I now know all about shsh blobs and why I need them, etc. I had never done my own jailbreaking and never knew cydia would save them automatically but checked on my iphone and sure enough it had all of mine. My friend must have set it up to save them for me knowing I'd need them.

I googled and googled to see how to check and make sure cydia has them for my ipod touch as well but using TU it says the old "Sorry youre too late" for all the shsh it searches for.

Sooooo, my question is, if cydia doesn't have them, and I need them to change firmware to anything besides the latest, how was I able to go from 3.1 to 4.2.1 when apple isnt signing 4.2.1 anymore? Do you only need shsh for downgrades then? I was under the impression you need them for ANY firmware apple is no longer signing. Does this mean I may have the blobs for this on cydia even though TU says I dont? Any other way to find out?


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Jul 28, 2011
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You need SHSH blobs for both downgrading and upgrading to a firmware that is no longer being signed. But you said you have an iTouch 2G which 4.2.1 is still being signed for(since its the latest firmware available for that model).

You won't be able to restore a custom firmware without being able to enter DFU mode though.

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