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how did I live w/o iphone?


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Jul 6, 2010
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Today was like Christmas for me! I got my ip4 and my ipad... I did not know what one I wanted to play with 1st. Phone got opened and sycn'ed 1st :)

So far, i am not having any issues with dropped call/antenna problems. When I did not have service it was in the same dead spots as any phone I have ever had since I moved to cingular/att from the local over priced cell provider.

Its SO much better to deal with then the icky fuze! I am so excited, and I am ready for folders to be ready on the ipad, I LOVE that....

I think the kids will over take my ipad for game apps even though I had it in mind for me and them getting to use the phone more. We shall see idk yet.

The only thing I am regretting is only getting the 16, oh well, I got the 64 ipad. I will just have to work out what I need on each one.
thats great news to hear that all has been well for you.

also LUCKY ;p you got the ipad AND iphone 4. i would not know which to open first lol. how is the ipad?

also no antenna issues another plus....

well you can put all your apps and games or whatever on the ipad and have fewer things like pics or mp3s on the iphone, the app ibooks i bet will be sweet ont he ipad, i have it on the iphone and i use it when apple email me receipts in pdf format i use ibooks to open it :D and buying books..

did you get any data plans with the ipad? or did you go with the wifi?
I am typing from my iPad now. No I did not see the need in a data plan as I did order my phone.

I was going to a conference in Denver later this month, it started the Same day as my kids went back to school and I could not miss my sons first day of school. So I went a tad apple crazy on me.

Dh saw mine last night and I think he will get a 16 with 3G later on this year

For heaving reading I will use my kindle
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very nice and your kids first day of school , one to not miss.

but two products in one day you dont know which to use and add apps/games and put your settings on first lol.. will the 16GB be enough space?

i got the iphone 4 on the 24th then yesterday the mbp lol it was ok now i set aside the 4 for the mbp
The iPhone will have podcast and games that will keep kid quite in public, car stuff. iPad will have mp3 movies more in depth things as of now.
I remember feeling like that to when I first got an IPhone, thinking why didn't I get this earlier. It does everything for me and I can't put it down.
It's seem that I got a new phone on the off year and dh talking me out of "needing" it...then my plam top died and I had a baby that was going to five diffent doctors so I did talk him to a smart phone... Now I know I could never go back I have been imputing the kids scedules on it today along with the people I drive to Nashville. Debating MobileMe