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hishop puremate crystal clear screen shield review


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Jan 11, 2011
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Over the next two weeks I will be reviewing a series of screen protectors from HiShop. They make three different models and offer them in a mix of options to suit every ones needs. They make oleophobic, anti glare, and crystal clear models, today we will be looking at the crystal clear front and back screen protectors. This package is $17.95 and you get 2 front and 2 back crystal clear shields along with a sealed microfiber cloth, instructions, and as a bonus two sets of clear antenna skins.

The quality of the crystal clear screen protector is very nice. I personally prefer a little bit thicker of a screen shield as usually they are easier to install for me. The HiShop clear screen protector is not a thick protector but it also is not a cheap screen protector. I like screen protectors to cover the whole glass screen and the Hishop crystal clears do just that. The front shield has one cutout for the speaker and camera which I usually like to have two separate cutouts but this one isn't bad. The protector is crystal clear and does not effect screen clarity at all. The back screen protector is also cut to cover the whole piece of glass and the camera cutout is very easy to align and does not effect the flash.

Overall the HiShop puremate crystal clear shields are great, you get four shields for $17.95 and compared to other screen shield companies where you only get 2 for $15 this is a combo worth investing in. As a bonus you get 2 antenna wrap skins which I don't really like, they are cut into to many pieces and are really thin, but on the other hand if you just need a thin kit to go under a bumper case for protection this would work really well. Stay tuned to the next review on the oleophobic and anti glare models coming soon. Check out everything HiShop has to offer at HiShop.com

check out the link below for pictures of the fit and design thanks,
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