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Hi to All and a Happy New Year from Bonnie Scotland


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Jan 5, 2011
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Hi Guys,

I'm a new member, name's Bertie,

I'm a retired Architect living in Fife, Scotland. For anyone who knows that part of the World it's the place you look out to if you are standing in Edinburgh looking across the water (Firth of Forth)

My new iphone 4 was a retirement Christmas present to myself and I am extremely happy with it.

Although an Apple Macbook Pro owner I had to think long and hard before choosing the iphone over the HTC (most of my friends and family have HTC Desires and Wildfires) Anyway to cut a long story short I just had more faith in Apple and their habit of "hitting the spot"

Of course I'm preaching to the converted on this forum so I'll say no more other than I'm looking forward to many happy hours browsing the iphone4 Forum and getting to know new people from all over.

All the Best,

Welcome from the other side of the forth bridge. Nice to see a fellow scot on here...