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Hi I'm new and new to iphone


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Oct 22, 2015
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Got the new 6s nearly 2 week back first iPhone I've had so glad I got the newest one even if there isn't much more they can do now. Like the new Live Photos. Had a few minor problems all sorted now though, but has anyone else known these problems?
1 first was most annoying. The phone kept telling me the password for my wifi at home was wrong. It was definately right as I put it in many times after getting the phone swapped at shop I decided I was keeping this and would have to use mobile internet if nothing else as it connected to wifi in shop. I decided to just try the password with no capitals knowing it should start with capital and it accepted it. I know it should of had capital first letter but would only accept it without capital.
2 more annoying than anything blank screen after opening new app but if I pressed home button and opened same app again it worked. I restarted phone problem went away and came back so restarted phone 3 times in a row and it seems ok now.
3 mobile internet wasn't set up so had to put settings in manually.