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Hi All from Sunny COsta Rica


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Nov 29, 2010
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Complete newbie to iPhone 4. Just give up on BB Storm2.

I have iPhone 4, factory unlocked that was bought in Canada now using in Costa Rica.

Just had my SIM card cut by professional and it's in all is working.

My iPhone 4 stats are:
version 4.1 (8B117)
Carrier 8.0
Ser: 7S0xxxxxxx
IMEI: 01254zzzzzzzzzz
Modem: 02.10.04
iTunes 10.1
Windows 7

Like I said everything is working, but I want more.
1) should I upgrade to 4.2?
2) can I safely jailbreak it (what's the best prog)?
3) any other suggestions how to improve the phone ?
4) 10 best programs to have?

Thanks in advance to you all for any help you can offer..
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