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Oct 12, 2010
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Hey my name is pete, I was a hard core blackberry guy till I got my 3G (which was stolen, thank god for the data delete feature) I got an app to find the punk anyway. I wanted a samaung galaxy more than anything but let an apple crazy friend talk me into ios4. Now I hear my 3G with an update is the same, I tried
To hook up to iTunes and lost my info now I can't even get free stuff from app store
Cause no matter what cc I use it says invalid security code (yes I know it's the 3 digits on back) anyway I apologize for introducing myself by comPlaining but I work for Att and am more than willing to help peole that help
Me. I'm no hippie but believe in karma (or should I have said Hindu?) lol.
Looking forward to learning a lot.