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Hey everyone! RNorton here, happy to meet everyone!


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Feb 21, 2011
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I'm a former San Francisco Bay Area dance DJ now living back in Texas where I grew up -- big technology freak and live gadgets, toys and anything to do with technology making our lives better.

I have a bit of a dry sense of humor so if you think I'm being a jerk in a post (I'll try to watch it ;-) ) just give me the benefit of the doubt that I PROBABLY was trying to be funny -- or thought I was anyway :)

As far as my experience with gadgets / iPhones etc. goes, my partner works at the Apple Store in Dallas, I've owned an iP3G and now an iP4 -- also have an iPad. I was a big Windows Mobile user until I got my 3G in 2008. (worked at Microsoft in Redmond, kinda HAD to be).

I'm not what I would call a 'fanboy' per se, but I *do* think Apple takes a relatively unfair beating in the press for stuff that MS and Google get away with EVERY DAY without so much as a sneeze from the media.

Love my ip4 but am very excited to see where the tech goes and think these IOS Devices now are still really early in the game. I've been 'around' the tech game for a long time (was a Novell Networking Engineer in the early 90's) so I've seen a lot of stuff come and go -- also worked at PC Magazine in the early days of the Internet and found that to be a FASCINATING time to be involved there -- was honored to have written some of the earlier articles on how 'Net Authentication was going to work, etc. Had a blast and miss those days sometimes -- just the WONDER of it all before all this SPAM and ADVERTISING got so heavy ;-$ ah, but I DO go on. </SOAPBOX>

Looking forward to getting to know the crowd!


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Nov 22, 2010
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Glad you're here, RNorton. Nice post too. I'm also amazed at the level of high tech nowadays, and can't see how much more complex they can get! But that's what I said 15 years ago too.


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Feb 7, 2011
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South FL
Welcome! Good to have you. I consider myself an "avid" user of Apple products and proud to say so.

Enjoy your time with us.


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