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Help! Lost Music/Playlists after installing 6.0.1


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Nov 13, 2012
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I'll try to keep this as short as possible:

I tried updating my iPhone 4 to 6.0.1 but my iTunes wasn't up-to-date so the iPhone entered Recovery mode until I updated iTunes. After I updated iTunes and selected recover from backup to restore my phone, I regained all my apps, notes, contacts, etc., everything EXCEPT the most important thing to me which is my Music. There are no Music files on my phone and for the past few years I've been constantly crafting playlists and removing songs from my phone (I had around 4500 songs with about 4 playlists of over 500 songs each that I really cared about). I still have all of these files in iTunes but I have over 6000 files (2000 among which I had previously filtered out and 4000 which were sorted into playlists). I never specifically backed up my playlists from my iPhone to iTunes as I figured a regular backup took care of that. Obviously this is a lot of time that I have potentially lost and I was sure that it'd all be there after the recovery (similarly to when I switched from 1st gen iPod Touch to iPhone 4).

Is there still any hope of recovering my music to the way it was before the phone entered recovery mode?

And something that might be of interest is that at some point the Capacity bar at the bottom of the summary page for the iPhone in iTunes changed to indicate the same usage information as I had before the recovery mode which suggested that all my music was back, but that wasn't the case in the Music tab nor through the Music app on the phone. So I figured that Syncing the phone might make it happen but the only thing that did was change the Capacity bar back to reality.