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HELP! I need to retrieve lost texts on my new iphone 6


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Aug 30, 2015
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I've had my iPhone 6 for about 5 months now. And I have an old iphone 4s that I was going to give to my daughter and I just activated it. Since I wanted to save all the old contacts and texts, I figured maybe I can transfer those to my new iphone 6. So I connected it to itunes and start backing up or something. Then I plugged my iphone 6 and restored all the info/data. Before I've done this, I called my carrier, Verizon if i was doing it right and according to the person I spoke he said yes. I didn't know that I can't combine old info from my iphone 4s and my info on my iphone 6. So when it was done restoring. I saw on my new iphone 6 that the only info i have was just from my old phone. OMG, I freaked out! I even cried bc I have lost all my new info, all my contacts and texts! I know this is sound ridiculous, but for some people like me my phone is my life. And especially I have a lot of wonderful and special memories from my new phone within the last 4 months and didn't want to lose all those text. Now its all gone. It was like my journal and memories from conversations with special someone. I felt devastated. I even called Apple support to see if they could do anything. And there was nothing. My stuff on my iphone 6 wasn't all backed up in icloud for the past couple months. And since it has been replaced with new info from my old iphone 4s, i don't think there was a way to retrieve my new texts.
Anybody knows if I can still retrieve lost files or texts? Even just the texts, I would be so happy if that is possible to do. I heard there is this third party app I can use, but does that really work?
Please help!!!!

Since you've not only restored your iPhone 6, which erased all the data, it's also been overwritten with the data from your iPhone 4s backup. This will, unfortunately, make it the next thing to impossible to recover any of your deleted data.
If you use Continuity, and another Apple device (iPad, Mac, iPod Touch), your text messages will still be on those other devices, if you didn't delete them.

A third party app/software can't help you retrieve the messages, if they are not included in a backup, afaik.