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Hello from Downunder


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Sep 7, 2010
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Melbourne, Australia
First up before someone jumps on me for shouting, TMPFO is an acronym for The Mad Professor From Oz.

Have just bought 2 iPhone 4's outright. Both V4.0.2(8A400). A 16G for my wife and a 32G for myself (boys have to have bigger toys!).

Upgraded from a V3 motorola and a Nokia 6260. The biggest hassle we are having is inputting contacts on the small keyboard with pudgy fingers. With the 6260 I can probably extract the Nokia Suite contacts to a csv file, prune fields and export the cvs to outlook. the V3 is another challenge altogether. We have to port 100+ contacts from the V3 and about 250 from the 6260.

I would love a PC XP editor that would sync to the iPhone. Don't have a Mac. Much easier with a full size keyboard.

Regards to all Members.
Welcome on board from Brisbane Australia you will find the forum helpful thanks for joining.

Col.Bris super moderator
Welcome! If you can get them in outlook it's a piece of cake from there! Just sync via iTunes. Before you try to sync for the first time just be sure you have all your contacts in outlook backed up to your pc.