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Hello everybody, my nick is Blu steel

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Nov 24, 2010
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Hi everyone i just bought 2 New iphone 4 with firmware 4.1 and baseband 02.10.04. Problem is my wife does not like the Ip4 and like her old Tmobile android phone which I managed to Unlock for her to be used with at&t. And she gave her Iphone to her family who are with Tmobile...,

Question is can this be unlocked/jailbroken to work with T mobile. I managed to google what jailbreaking, tethering means and managed to to educate myself a little.., even though most of it is still rocket science. I dont want to something that it locks permantely. PLEASE help me with this. I am really lost...,

Also with my my phone what apps should I download, any suggestions.

Please PM me with any suggestions I am willing to learn
Currently there is no unlock for that baseband. You can jailbreak it however. An unlock is apparently due out in the next few weeks. It is important that you dot update to the 4.2 that just came out, as there is a new baseband that comes with it that may take even longer to unlock. Also if you do uptade to 4.2 and wish to jailbreak (you have to do this first to be able to unlock) it will, at the moment, be tethered. This means every time the phone is turned of or needs to be restarted you will need to jailbreak it again. Which means you won't be able to use the phone at all until you plug it into a computer...
thanks a lot gaz6076 & Dannyboy for your replies and your PM's.
What's better limera1n or to greenposion to jailbreak ? keeping in mind i wish to unlock it when there unlocks are available ?
I think they are both the same. They won't make any difference as far as unlock goes. Personally I used greenpoison. Im currently on 4.1 like yourself and can report no problems so far...
Should I download I tunes on to my computer to sync my phone.., and by doing so will itunes update my os4.1 to the latest os4.2.1
You will need iTunes to sync you phone. It will ask you if you want to update but you can just choose cancel. I think there is a check box that you can tick so it won't remind you everytime you plug your phone in...