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Heavy Duty Aluminum Metal Bumper Case

cereal killer

Dec 18, 2015
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[Editor's Note: I took the liberty of promoting this post to the front page news because it looks like really useful info for our members. Also, @cereal killer handles admin duties for many of our sister sites.]

I just received this case today and LOVE IT. I know this case won't appeal to a lot of people but to those that it does...this thing is awesome.

The case comes in a gold satin lined box already assembled. In it you will find a small screw driver, a few extra small screws, and one big screw (for the carry strap). There is another company that makes a similar case (TabPow Warrior), but it does NOT have the TPU case. I don't like having the body and buttons of my 6S Plus exposed so I chose the NeWisdom® Rugged (pictured above.)

When you install the case you have to disassemble the case by unscrewing all the little screws. Now here's where it gets 'tricky'. Once disassembled you'll notice the TPU case is still attached to the base of the case. It makes it hard to put the iPhone into the case, so what you'll need to do is just spin the TPU case to the side and insert your iPhone in that way. It's quick and painless. Once its in the TPU case you put on the plates, insert the screws and tighten them all down (front and back).

I saw the few complaints about it messing with the signal but took a gamble on buying it because....well it's awesome. I'm on Verizon and I can say the case has not inhibited my signal at all. Still get great reception--which makes me very happy because I'm going to be sticking with this case until the end of the year when the iPhone 7 hits.

The case will add weight to your 6S so if your looking for something light, then you may want to pass. Keep in mind its not obnoxiously heavy, but it will add some ounces to your 6S. I personally don't care because I like a heavy phone. The carry strap is pretty cool and useful. It rotates so you can tuck it under the case or swivel it out and have it hang a little below the device.

Along with top notch materials the fit and finish is pure perfection. If you're looking for a radical case that will surely get some attention I suggest picking one up. They come in a variety of colors.

Pick up one for your phone today!

iPhone 6S Plus:

iPhone 6S:
Amazon.com: iPhone 6S/6 metal case,NeWisdom® Rugged durable best protection iphone 6 Heavy Duty Aluminum Metal bumper case-Black&Black: Electronics

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