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Head-Collecting Alert! Predators Has Arrived


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Jun 18, 2010
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It's always nice to have a fulfilling hobby to help you while away the time, and collecting things can be a very enjoyable pastime. People like to collect coins, stamps, furniture, and so on, or, if you're a Predator, you'll find that you really get a buzz from collecting human heads. It's a wonderful leisure-time activity for all ages and species, so its super nice to see Mr Robert Rodriguez devoting his new sci-fi motion picture, Predators, to the activity, and even better to see that Substance001's iPhone game of the same name has been released to the iTunes App Store today, courtesy of those charming Chillingo people, so that we can all enjoy the uplifting feeling of tracking down humans, mauling them to a bloody pulp with our giant claws, removing their heads and collecting as many as possible! Happy days!

Unsurprisingly, the game, which has been optimised for iPhone 4, and also works on iPad, has received rave reviews so far, with Gizmodo featuring it as one of their best apps of the week, and TouchArcade, Modojo and IGN being equally fulsome in their praise.

Predators is available to download now from the iTunes App Store for $2.99/£1.79 for either the iPad or iPhone/iPod touch versions.

Source: Chillingo