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Have you Jailbroken and Unlocked 4.1??

Have you jailbroken and unlocked your iphone4 using the tutorial??


How is it working for you? What are your thoughts on this method??

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hi danny and thanx for your attention .

i did fallow the instruction and i did jailbreak and unlock my iphone using limerain .

my iphone was 4.0.2 with baseband 1.59.00 restored it to 4.1 and kept the same baseband. unlock it easily. some poeple may experience loosing the icons ,only if they dont keep the phone connected to itune.

thanx hope it helped.
That's great!! I'm sure many will be glad to follow in your footsteps ;)
Well, as everyone could guess from my Sig, I am using Limera1n, and thanks to the tutorials on here and video everything went perfect. been a few days and no issues so far. This is my first iDevice and my first JB.

This could not be any easier to do.
Anyone else unlocked their device? how is it running? of course by unlocking i mean jailbreak :p