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griffin survivor extreme duty


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Jun 5, 2011
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western philly,pa burbs
recently purchased the girffin survivor extreme duty case for my four-day old iphone 4 - gave up sleekness for protection. a couple days ago i tried a holder for the iphone for my bicycle (i am an experienced long distance and every day rider)... the holder worked well for the first few miles and the first few bumps, but then i hit a big bump at high speed and the holder broke, and to my horror the iphone when flying backwards into the traffic!!!! i looked back and saw it bouncing on the highway.
with a lump in my throat i pulled over to the side, lay down the bike, and ran back to the iphone.... it survived the fall totally intact because of the case!!! whew... i would surely recommend this case for those who don't mind giving up good looks for practical protection.... joel (newbie here on this forum, and looking forward to being here)
ps. one also gives up being able to fit the iphone into ihome radios and the like.


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Feb 20, 2011
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that is a nice case indeed. but hard to move icons near the edge or hit buttons near the edge. but unlike the otterbox defender case the home button is easy to mash on it. on the defender you really gotta mash it pretty hard for it to do right

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