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Google Sync for iPhone and iPad Gets Three New Updates


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Jun 18, 2010
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The Official Google Enterprise Blog posted details today of three new features for Google Sync for iOS, the service that syncs your iPhone and iPad’s native mail and calendar apps with your Gmail Calendar and Contacts. The three updates are available in Gmail and Google Apps email accounts.

Firstly, you can now search all of your emails in Gmail, not just the emails that are stored locally by the iOS mail app. Secondly, you can now accept, decline or edit calendar events from the iOS calendar app, and thirdly, you can send email from any of your addresses. Google realises that some users manage multiple email addresses from their Gmail account, which is why its “Send Mail as” feature means that you can send emails with another email address listed as the sender, rather than just your Gmail address. This facility will now be possible via the iOS mail app as well.

Source: Official Google Enterprise Blog: Three new updates to Google Sync for iPhone and iPad

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