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Hi everyone.
When I first set up my phone I set up my gmail contacts. Now, I want to go in and really organize my contacts. Most of those were just email, some phone numbers were in my cell and some were on my house phone. REally unorganized. Anyway, I just went on my laptop and got my family contacts up to date with the right addresses, emails phone numbers etc. How do I get that to show up as my contacts on my phone.

Also, the only email mailbox that I have setup is my gmail. When I go to check it elsewhere like a friend's house (her wifi) and Starbucks (wifi) and at my pool (3G) it says that the username and password were not valid. What is going on? Works fine at my house.
Also, if I edit or add a contact on the phone I would like to get it in my google account on laptop. Thanks!!
I think you can set up your google calendar and contacts to sync with your laptop and phone calendar and contacts. I know i can with MobileMe but I think you can set it up in your itunes sync.
There actually is a way to do it through iTunes I remember seeing a video of it somewhere, but I can't seem to find that video anywhere Sorry :\