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"Good Night Baby" - Essential app for baby parents + Promo Codes


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Mar 21, 2012
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This app will stick to your hands whenever soothing a baby, putting the baby to sleep, playing with your baby and resting yourself and etc

<Please don't use promo codes if you don't have a baby>
<Promo Code are in the bottom of this post>

1.11 Update~!!!

&#10159; Some explanation texts which hid background images are removed. You can activate them by clicking ? button.
&#10159; You can set custom background image by clicking i button in crying alarm page.
&#10159; Performance in speed is improved particularly for high-resolution image display.
&#10159; Add play list function in lullaby page(User's request)
&#10159; Bug fixed(crying alarm was not operated after phone call received).

I hope this app helps every parents have new born baby.

Developer has also new born daughter passed several months now.

I want to encourage all parents with high praise for your love and endeavor.

iTunes Link: Good Night Baby


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&#10004; When the baby is crying
&#10004; When needs sleeping training during a few months after born
&#10004; When needs sound playing with the baby
&#10004; When you wants to rest or sleep while the baby is sleeping

&#10029; White noise: All babies heard the mother's blood flow sound, hear beat sound, etc in mother's womb for about 3 months and they are accustomed to these sounds.
After a baby is born, they feel safe when they hear white noise similar to these sounds.
This is already typical way to soothing babies nowadays.

&#10029; Lullaby: These contained musics is helping babies to sleep.

&#10029; Playing with my baby: These funny and exciting sounds make your baby feels fun and interesting. If you turn on one of drum beat sound and add another sounds, they can like those sounds.

&#10029; Timer: Timer is operating with white noise and lullaby so that parents can set up the time to volume down smoothly and stop the sounds

&#10029; Crying alarm: When the babies awake, they usually cry. This function make a call when your baby cries by detecting the loudness of the crying. You can set the amount of loudness for a call and combine with timer to play white noise and lullaby. It is very useful, when you want to rest or sleep during your baby is sleeping. Any type of phone can receive the call.

&#10029; Background images: Two basic background images and custom images such as user's baby are provided. You can select among those choices by clicking i button in crying alarm page and press background image selection option.

&#9734; This app can be used to parents who are tired and hope to sleep with playing lullabies

&#9734; White noise effect can be vary according to the baby's age.

&#9734; Except crying alarm, other functions can be multitasking. Therefore, other sound playing apps can be duplicated in playing sounds.(No duplicating with iPod, the basic music app)

&#9734; Any bug report and improvement suggestion is welcome to our support email or blog

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Mar 21, 2012
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<Please don't use promo codes if you don't have a baby, Spare for baby parents>

<Promo codes>


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