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Gmail Updated for iPhone, iPod touch


iPhoneForums.Net News Team
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Jun 18, 2010
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According to the official Gmail Blog, Google has made a couple of improvements to its gmail.com interface on the iPhone. For starters, it says that it has made scrolling ‘snappier’, with the speed of the scrolling now reflecting the speed of your swipe. The aim of this change is to make it easier and faster to reach the information you require when viewing a long conversation. The second tweak is that the toolbars will now stay on screen when you are scrolling, as opposed to previously when they would move into view after each scroll. Google says that being able to access the toolbars from anywhere on the screen should make it generally much easier for you to move around the app.

The Gmail Blog also advises that if you’re still only seeing the old interface on your iPhone or iPod touch, try clearing your cache and refreshing the page and hopefully that will do the trick.

Source: Gmail Blog