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Get Your Doom Cheap In Celebration of QuakeCon


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Jun 18, 2010
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Pocket Gamer reports today on the gloriously gory news that id Software is holding an iPhone/iPod touch game sale to celebrate the start of QuakeCon. The sale runs from today, Thursday, all the way through to Sunday, and features some genuine id gems at the following low, low prices:

  • Doom Resurrection ($1.99/£1.19/€1.59) - an all-new first-person on-rails shooter courtesy of the DoomFather, John Carmack, set on Mars, where you’re the last Marine standing. Ulp.
  • Doom Classic ($1.99/£1.19/€1.59) - the original, of course.
  • Wolfenstein 3D Classic (99c, 59p, €0.79c) - ditto, ditto. Happy memories from 1992. Sigh.
  • Doom II RPG (99c, 59p, €0.79c) - ah yes, the kinder, gentler Doom, with pixies, elves and little fluffy bunnies, perhaps? Well, not really. It’s still chock full of marines, demons and scary things, and you still get to point big guns such as the classic Super Shotgun and BFG at them, but in genteel, “after-you” turn-based RPG polite style rather than FPS “say hello to my boomstick, demon” style. Apparently it’s quite funny too, so something a little different you might want to try.
Pocket Gamer reminds us that John Carmack is an Apple fan, so maybe he’ll have some good news for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad owners some love at QuakeCon, where he’s supposed to be giving some sort of special announcement. We can but hope!

Source: Pocket Gamer

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