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[GAME] Word Soup, the top Word App, now on iPhone


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Mar 6, 2013
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Midlands, UK
Developed by Fuzzy Bug Interactive

After over 25 million plays in coin-op form, the addictive word game, Word Soup, has been released on iPhone and iPod Touch today!

How do you play?
A strategic word creation game - clear the grid of scrambled letters by finding the longest words you can. Blocks disappear and fall down as you create words. Tactical play and clearing the grid will earn you big points and see you crowned king of the Soupers.

About Word Soup
Originally launched in 2003, Word Soup started life as a coin-op game in pubs and bars across the UK. It quickly became one of the most popular games, eventually installed in 30,000 pubs and boasting over 25 million plays. After launching on PC in 2004, the game was then selected by Microsoft in 2009 as a launch title for their Xbox 360 Indie Games initiative. It went on to seize the top spot in the launch week.


Now on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
Updated and optimised for mobile and tablet, Word Soup is tuned and ready for a new audience. Now you can take this addictive word game with you anywhere you go.

Key Features

  • Play using tilt! – Slide the tiles across the board to unlock new word making opportunities.

  • Extra depth! - Three playing modes: Relaxed – Grab a cuppa and have some fun! / Timed – Be quick! You’re on the clock / Brain Game – Longer words will keep your grid filled.

  • Master the game! - Use tactical play to maximise your score - gain bonus points for using difficult letters, creating long words and clearing the grid.

  • Rule the world! - Check your progress with GameCenter high score tables.

“Smartphones, tablets and Word Soup are a match made in heaven. Whether you’re a fan of the original coin-op game or new to Word Soup, we guarantee you’re going to love it.” Scott Newby, Fuzzy Bug Interactive

Available NOW on iTunes >> Connecting to the iTunes Store.


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