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Full Paid Version of Stand O’Food 3 Out Now


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Jun 18, 2010
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G5 Announced today that it has just released the full paid version of Stand O’Food 3, the latest installment in the popular franchise. The classic, fast-paced, simple and addictive gameplay mechanics of the first game are reinforced with more abilities to satisfy hungry customers, as Ronnie the Chef extends the operations of Stand O’Food chain to Tinseltown, where he meets Nikki and Mr. Clarence and disrupts the revenge plans of the evil Mr. Torg. Gameplay involves opening restaurants around Tinseltown and serving clients fast and healthy food including freshly made burgers, pies, lasagnes, French fries, coffee, ice cream and soda. There are a total of 90 recipes in all to master. The game features over 75 levels and 12 bonus levels to unlock over 33 achievements. Also as always with the series, the game boasts a bright, comic-book art style. I really love Stand O’Food games, they’re very addictive and simple fun to play and they keep me happy for hours! Worth checking out if you haven't already played one.

Click here to download the universal game for $4.99: App Store - Stand O

Source: G5 Entertainment
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