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Frozen Keyboard Keys in Landscape when Texting


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Sep 25, 2012
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In both my 6 & now the 6S when typing text sometimes a letter key will not respond when touched, if I turn the phone to portrait the same key will work. This is intermittent and not always with the same key.

Anyone else experience this or have any solutions? I have searched and tried the suggestions to no avail.
I occasionally have the same problem, sometimes with enhancements. I haven't tried rotating the screen to portrait position but on some days not only a key will lock up, the whole screen might do it. Sometimes I have to touch a key several times before it does its job.

Before I got my current iPhone 5s I tried a Samsung S5 and it had the same problem - again, with enhancements. By that I mean that sometimes the screen gets completely 'squirrelly' in that it's either overly sensitive or frozen up. Sometimes I can simply touch the screen lightly in a blank area and the screen might page-up or down or do some other completely unrelated thing. That's a large portion of the reason I returned the Samsung for an iPhone.

With both phones I was blaming it on a software glitch but that's purely a guess. Maybe atmospheric conditions?? In any case, it's maddening.... :mad:
Did you reset your iPhone after updating? It might clear some of the glitches you're experiencing.
I'm sure I've told you the procedure before, but just to make sure: press and hold Home and Power button until the Apple logo appears. Release both and let the iPhone power up on it's own. As you perhaps remember, this won't remove data or change settings.

Your other post about the same problem in someone else's thread, discussing a completely different issue, has been removed. Besides fragmenting and derailing the discussion, making it hard to follow, duplicate posts and thread hijacking are not allowed.
Okay, J.A. Sorry. I didn't mean to cause a problem. It's just seemed to me that my problems could have been caused by the same thing that caused theirs. Since I posted that I e been reading about others who are having problems with IOS 9.1.
There are not many people experiencing problems, compared to iOS 8 last year. Did you try the reset I suggested?

The OP in the other thread has problems with iCloud's activation lock. Do you experience these too?
No, my main problems seemed to be the frozen keyboard and the squirrely screen. For example, a solitaire game I play frequently usually lets you click on a card you want to move and the game moves it intuitively to the right place. But, for a while, I could bank a card off the edge of the screen before it went to where it was supposed to go. That's what I mean by 'squirrely'. On other sites I could just lay a finger on the screen and it would just go crazy - sometimes scrolling up or down, sometimes going to another page or a previous site...

The first time I tried the reset, once the screen went dark it didn't come back with the apple logo. I waited, hands off, for about 5 minutes but I had to hit the power button to get it to come back on. Afterward, I tried it again and it worked correctly that time.

I don't know yet whether the glitches cleared up. Time will tell. Thanks for your help... :)