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Frequently: I can't hear anything from my Speaker ! [iPhone4S 8.4]


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Aug 11, 2015
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Hey, Dudes,
I tried to reinstall iOS (8.4), I tried to install Jailbreak on it - nothing helps.

Before that I was in iPhone help center where they said to me twice that all gonna be work ... - nothing.
They changed speaker in this iPhone - didn't helped.

Symptoms: I can hear ringtone, voice, sound only ~5-10 mins after restart ( and not everytime, sometimes ! ), after 10 mins - sound disappearing ... but sometimes it starts playing, after changing volume in settings.
Also, then sound disappearing I can't configure volume by Volume Button on the left side on iPhone.
Now iPhone has Stock Firmware and my Guarantee time is ended.

So ... could you help me to fix this ****, I need my sound back ... IDK why this happening and how to fix this.
I tried all ( If you hear no sound or distorted sound from your iPhone iPad or iPod touch speaker - Apple Support - This I tried, too ) !