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Foursquare Adds 'Peek and Pop' Features to its Mobile App


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Ever since the majority of popular social networks have implemented "check-in" features, hype around apps like Foursquare has died down. Foursquare is is very much around and used by many. On Thursday, the local search and discovery service updated its mobile application to support more 3D Touch features.

Foursquare was among first applications to support 3D Touch after the launch of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. It comes to no surprise that Foursquare wants to be ahead of the game, adding a plethora of new things folks can do with 3D Touch in the new update.

Here's a full list of new features:
  • Can’t get enough 3D Touch? In addition to shortcuts on the app icon, we’ve also added a peek for when you see a place on the homescreen or search results and want more details quickly (and also in a couple other places in the app, like for directions).
  • iPad user? We’ve totally updated the iPad app, with new designs and support for multitasking in iOS 9. It’s great for trip planning!
  • And, in a bunch of cities, Foursquare now shows the top list of trending places each week.
Foursquare's new 3D Touch features allow users to Peek and Pop in many place of the app. Folks can now press firmly onto a 3D Touch supported display to peek at locations, restaurants, maps, and more without having fully changes pages.

Including Peep and Pop features into Foursquare makes navigation almost seamless. Foursquare is now available to download in the iTunes App Store for free.

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