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Ford is Launching Apple CarPlay & Android Auto for 2017 Vehicles


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Jul 27, 2011
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Ford officially announced plans to offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in their new 2017 vehicles. Specifically, Ford is launching the Apple and Google infotainment systems to all 2017 vehicles in North America, which are equipped with BlackBerry's QNX-based SYNC 3 platform. This will start with the new Ford Escape.

Additionally, CarPlay and Android Auto will also be available as an upgrade for 2016 vehicles that have SYNC 3, later this year. On top of this, Ford also shared they have added several new apps to the AppLink Platform, including: AA member services, Eventseeker’s location-based service and Concur expense tracking. Additionally, Ford also announced their new 4G-powered Sync Connect feature. It can remotely start and/or locate a vehicle, unlock doors and check fuel levels from your smartphone.

Here's a quote with the full details,
  • Ford SYNC® AppLink™ adds new apps, including AAA member services, Concur expense report tracking and Eventseeker to find nearby music and other entertainment
  • Apple CarPlay added to SYNC, giving iPhone users access to Maps, Messages, Phone and Music through Siri voice control or touch screen
  • Android Auto™ enables easier and safer access to Google voice search, Google Maps, Google Play Music and more via steering wheel controls and touch screen
  • New SYNC Connect technology powered by 4G LTE enables remote start, unlock doors, check fuel level and locate a parked vehicle via smartphone
Connected devices are starting to dominate the conversation in the media. It looks like the IoT is finally starting to evolve into a viable market reality.

Source: SYNC Brings New AppLink Apps to Millions of Customers, Adds Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, 4G LTE to New Vehicles | Business Wire