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"find my friends" for iPhone4


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Oct 2, 2017
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I know, the iPhone4 is quite old ... but it still works well and so I have a question about it.
For my daughter I took my old iPhone4 out of the drawer and put in a prepaid sim. She is very happy with it, and the iphone 4 is still fine for phone calls, Whatsapp, Google, Youtube etc.

I would like to always give insight into mine and her location, just as I have with my wife through the "Find My Friends" app.
However, that app no longer works on the iPhone4 with iOS7.1.2. and I can not install a higher version of iOS.
I've tried the Live360 app but it does not work too (requires iOS8).

Does anyone know an alternate app that offers a similar feature as "Find My Friends" and also works on iPhone4 with iOS7.1.2?
if you haven't updated itunes yet, you can connect her icloud to it and then try downloading the find my friends app. Then on her phone there shoukd be the liitle cloud looking icon before you try downloading the app. When you press it to download, it will ask you to download an earlier version of the app. Click "yes" (i think the option is yes) and then it will start downloading
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From what I have read, not much you can do as the iPhone 4 was not able to be updated to iOS 8. With that said, if you can get her an iPhone 4s or higher, then you can update it to at least IOS 8. Good luck and hopefully you can find something that will work. The iPhone 4 unfortunately is not useful for a whole lot without being able to update to iOS 8 at least, which is what a lot of apps require now. Again, maybe find an iPhone 5 or SE, they aren’t very expensive these days. About the best option for the money. But that is JMHO. Good day