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Film skills!!!


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Mar 2, 2011
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Most of the film in market are electrostatic film.
I've replaced numerous phones.
And always I finish it by myself.
Every time when I film it I always lamented the serious air pollution.
In particular, such as a large area of film IPHONE.
No matter how spotless the screen is at first
For the little while i film it
one or two of dust always fall into the mezzanine.

When you tear the film to re-poste it,
You will find
the hateful dust has stained !
How to remove the dust ?
Scratch with your fingernail? Water it?

Find a little wide of the tape
Made the membrane attached to the adhesive side of tape
Then tear it!
You will be surprised to find that
All the dust has taken onto the tape without plastic!

Have a try!
And at this time the screen is absolutely clean since the dust have been in the membrane.

If you have breaken down to post a film,throw a few test with adhesive tape !
Soon it'll be a new one!

Put tape on the perimeter in the right index finger and make the plastic toward the outside ,everything will be easy!!!!!!

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