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Facetime issues after Greenpois0n jailbreak


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Oct 26, 2010
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Hey guys

First off, kudos to Greenpois0n team. Worked like a charm and I love what jailbroken iPhones can do.

I have an iPhone 4 and after jailbreaking, I noticed that facetime icon was missing on my phone. So I went to setting -> Phone -> And enabled facetime. Now I can see an icon.

Here's the problem. There is a facetime icon but I cannot facetime. Once a request for facetime has been made, it keeps saying connecting and eventually will say "Facetime Unavailable". It does not matter who initiates facetime. Also I don't know many people using iPhone 4, so its hard to facetime with people to test it.

Is there anyone with the same issue?
K guys, just tried facetime with a friend on the same Wi-Fi network. It worked! I don't think there is a problem (Although this sounds very remote, do you think Facetime across different Wi-Fi networks could be an issue?)