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Facetime associates this with Allen's Cell Phone ???


Apr 3, 2013
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My husband and I share one email account, but we each have our own iPhone 5S.

When someone calls one of us using Facetime, both our phones ring.

In my phone's Contacts is an entry for myself that says "me" on the right side and under Email has our shared email address.

Under Notes it says "Facetime associates this with Allen's Cell Phone."

I also have a yahoo email address. Should I change it to that? I'm scared I'll mess up my phone if I make changes.

What is the significance of the "me"

Thanks, cb
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Go into settings | FaceTime. Set your phone to take FaceTime calls with your phone number only. Set the other phone to accept calls from it's phone number only.

Many times FaceTime is set to take calls from your phone number AND email address (Apple ID).

Really all you should need to do is go into FaceTime setting and uncheck the email address associated with FaceTime on both phones.

That will solve your problem.