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Facebook iPhone App gets an upgrade


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Sep 22, 2011
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The most popular social networking site Facebook recently introduced a new iPhone app (Facebook for iPhone 3.0) with all new astonishing features. Through this app now the users can tag places and friends as well as share external links from the web. It helps to control and see who has visited your profile and features redesigned profile and group walls making it more useful. Earlier version of this Facebook app had a number of bugs. With an update in the privacy settings and all the annoying bugs fixed, this app is all set to impress the users. Basically Facebook opted for this new update to remove the Facebook for ipad code. The user can access the account and privacy setting by tapping on the account button. By tapping on the account or the privacy settings opens up a respective webpage on Facebook’s website, which appears to be a different design choice for an app. Additionally, the profiles and pages tagged in status updates are now shown in the Facebook app by making it easier to navigate. The time taken for the notifications to appear is also reduced in this update. This app not only allows the users to be connected with friends by on-site friendships but also check at which all places they have been tagged.