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Facebook Integration Coming to iOS 6


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider reports today that full Facebook integration will finally be coming to iPhones and iPads in iOS 6. Of course this was also on the cards prior to the launch of iOS 5.1, only for it to end up being just Twitter that was deeply integrated into iOS. Now, though, TechCrunch is reporting that Apple and Facebook are about to partner up, with the aim of introducing deep Facebook integration into iOS 6. Apparently the partnership will be announced at Apple’s forthcoming WWDC this month. Giving fuel to the rumour, AppleInsider notes that when interviewed at the D10 Conference last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook told one questioner to “stay tuned” when they asked him about the possibility of Facebook being deeply integrated with iOS. According to AppleInsider, this deep integration would involve the addition of the “Log in with Facebook” authentication process, plus other sharing abilities. Hopefully it will be done discreetly though, in the same way that Twitter was integrated, as not everyone is Facebook-friendly, as was shown by the mixed reaction when it acquired Instagram.

Source: Facebook iOS integration to be announced at WWDC, report says


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May 22, 2012
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Yeah facebook will get a facebook phine through apple, i hate facebook i hope we can remove it if its pre-installed.

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