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Facebook app push notifications


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Nov 27, 2011
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I briefly searched for this already and didn't find anything so I apologize if this has already been covered. Also I hope I have this in the right area of this forum. I'm a newbie so I'm sorry if I'm in the wrong area.

In my Facebook app I get push notifications for everything it seems except my friend's check ins. I get wall posts, comments, invites, posts to groups I belong to, and chat and email messages. The one thing I don't get and I think I'm supposed to is when my friends check in somewhere. I have to periodically check the Nearby section of my phone. This doesn't seem right or is it? I guess I'm also wondering if I should be getting notifications for friend's birthdays. It seems silly that I have to go to Events to see if ant friends have a birthday.

I have all of the Push Notification buttons turned on including Events and Place Tags.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

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