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Experience photos and videos in a unique way using Trip Photos - Tag, Search N Share


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Nov 24, 2011
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Trip Photos - Tag, Search N Share

We are proud to announce the brand new release of Trip Photos - Tag, Search N Share

Experience photos and videos in a way that you've never imagined! Trip Photos is your one-stop app for capturing, tagging and sharing photos. Search for old photos, videos and trips instantly using Trip Photos' powerful search tool.

Now you can be certain that you will never misplace or lose your favorite memories! Most importantly you can lock trips that you want to be kept private!

Experience just how simple it is to organize your photos with Trip Photos! Trips are stored in a vertical fashion from the main menu allowing you to view and navigate groups of photos and videos with the swipe of a finger.

Trip Photos analyzes each of your pictures and records when and where each picture was taken. You can even locate your pictures and videos in map mode which shows you the exact location where your photo or video was taken! You can also store notes to each picture.

Users can search for groups of photos by date, location, tags, notes, and more! Trip Photos goes beyond just organizing your photos. Take pictures and video directly from within the app and the content is automatically stored to your camera roll! The in-app camera functionality includes numerous modes such as image stabilization, burst (multiple consecutive shots), and preset timed-shots.

Sharing your photos is a breeze! With fully integrated social media capabilities uploading to Facebook and Picasa is a breeze! Uploading happens automatically in the background to avoid interfering with your current work!


- Capture, Store and Organize photos by trip
- Impressive search capabilities
- Image Stabilization
- Burst Mode allowing for quick consecutive shots
- Timed-Shot Mode
- Precise photo cropping
- Facebook and Picasa integration
- LOCK photos in private Trips
- Calendar view of photos and videos taken
- Map view of photos and videos taken
- Instant local weather and weather drop down without ever leaving the app!

Download Trip Photos today and begin taking full advantage of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch camera!

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