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Essential Pro Review


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Sep 22, 2011
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An Essential pro is a multi-use application that incorporates in itself a complete package of different applications required for your day-to-day life. It gives you direct and instant access to simple applications that help a lot in your daily routine like city guide, Alarm clock, worldwide radio streaming, Quick notes, Currency converter etc. It will be more useful when you are traveling, since all these apps are available on your iPhone/ipad. Collections of these apps are described below.
City Guide
Audio Recorder
Language Converter
Currency converter
World clock
Dumpy level
Date Calculator
Time converter
Flash light
Secure Album
Photo Rotate

City Guide: Now you need not have the fear of getting lonely in a new place as with your iphone you can have a check of your current position and its surroundings and get all the required information about the nearby parking areas, shops, restaurants etc.It comprises of a total of 15 sub applications making it a well equipped sub application.

Audio Recorder: Record any sound with this app .Audio recorder home page comes with 2 options –NEW and DELETE. Apart from this you even have the option to rename your recorded file. The list of recorded sounds come in a sliding format from where you can select it.
Radio: Listen to your favorite radio music station just with a touch. Essential pro gives way to an application which streams all radio music stations. You can add your beloved radio station to your favorites list as well and enjoy the pleasure of listening it all day.
Weather: Are you in a dilemma whether it’s going to be a sunny day or a monsoon climate? Then here comes an application that can predict the weather at your place for the upcoming 4 days. You can also set the temperature setting to Celsius and Fahrenheit in settings option.
Note: Forgot to carry your personal diary? Just take your iphone and record all notes and appointments. You can edit your notes and save settings again if you want. If you want to share a note with you friend, you definitely have the option for that.
Alarm: Set your daily alarm with this new app. Travel anywhere and change the alarm settings as it incorporates worldwide timings and settings. The scheduler populates the timings that you want. Set the time & date and make your alarm perfect.
Language Converter: New to a particular language? Your iphone finds the solution through essential pro app. Get the comfort of learning about a new language at your finger tips. Just enter the word you are looking for and this app provides you the translated word in no time. You just have to select the required language.
Currency converter: A unique feature that lets you convert the worldwide currencies and let you know the current currency rate. Enter the currency that you want to know in the right text box and the one you know in the left text box. So now increase your knowledge about different currencies in quick time.
World clock: Lets you know the different time zones around the globe instantly. Select any country clock and add it your list. Available in both analog and digital formats. Know exactly how many hrs ahead or behind are you through this classy application.
Measurements: If you are confused about the mathematical measurements, here the app that lets you converts Weight, pressure, length and distance to an exact unit. Units will be displayed in 2 columns. Enter the unit in terms of numbers by tapping on the text box and you wil get the result in seconds.
Compass: Know your directions with respect to earth’s magnetic poles. Clearly points out the 4 directions: North, South, East and West. So don’t give a puzzled look the next time someone asks you to give directions.
Dumpy level: Check out the surface irregularities or elevations through this app. Lets you know about the physical feature of a surface. Keep it on a flat surface and the bubble in the app takes the central position else it drifts down.
Date Calculator: Helps to find a date or a day for a given date several ways. It even finds out the difference between the numbers of days or between two days, shows a day for a given date.
Time converter: Find out the correct timings around the world, be it be any country. Helps in converting time into different time zones. Enter the time that you need to know and get the country name from the slider. The timings keep changing with respect to the countries selected. You can change the date and time whenever you want.
Flash light: Problem with darkness? Turn your iphone into an amazing torch device. Change the color of the flashlights through 3 sliders and adjust your flash light. A really helpful app, while night travelling.
Battery: Know your battery lifetime with this app. Clearly describes the existing battery charge and the remaining stand by time.
Secure Album: Secure your personal world by setting passwords. Now keep all your photos and videos protected by this app; when you direct to the page it displays to set the password. Give a password, confirm your password, and keep a security question and answer. This login takes you for adding videos and images to your secure album. Tap on “plus” icon to add an image. You also have the option to add videos.
Photo Rotate: Opens up a photo library where you can select your favorite image and have a rotational view or a mirror view. Just enjoy a funny way to tilt your images and have fun.

All in all Essential pro brings to u a very simple and easy to use set of applications that gives you the best helping hand while you are amidst a journey or at any point around the world.