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error in contacts


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Jun 15, 2010
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Now after I sink my iphone4 contacts with outlook it has two hundred yes 200 no name contacts and each containing no information. Is there a way to bulk remove as it takes hours to do each one seperate? jim_joh
You will havetoo go into outlook and delete the group or contacts that are causing the issue. If you delete from the phone next time you sync they will all be back.
dannyboy, thank you for the quick and accurate reply. I went to outlook contacks & found the problem was caused there so I cleaned outlook, removed all contacts from iphone and then synced with outlook again and all the no name lines were still there so probably it synced from a backup file ( I am guessing) and I don't know how to confirm that or make the necessary changes. jim_joh
The way I do mine is go into outlook and delete the ones I don't want. They auto remove from the phone. So I'm still pretty sure you still have a group of blank contacts somewhere. The only time it pulls from the backup is when you restore from scratch and choose to restore from backup.
Hope that helps!