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Ensquared iPhone Insurance for Unlocked Iphone 4


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Oct 25, 2010
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Delray Beach USA

Here are the reasons why we think you should consider Ensquared iPhone Insurance for your unlocked iPhone:

An unlocked iPhone has real asset value: It will become immediately evident - once you separate the cost of service from the cost of the handset - that locked providers have discounted the handset deposit required upfront, only to mix the ongoing charges with getting a full pay-back over the period of the contract. This is much like an auto lease. Therefore the myth that an iPhone 4 costs you $200 from AT&T, as examples, will be wiped away in a flash. The unlocked unit can cost anything from $500 to $1000 if in the higher range of models. This is now your asset and you need to protect it, all the more because you can move from service to service with it; the days where you have two years of use just to give it back disappears when locked services are no longer in the picture
  1. Human abuse: Your cell phone is just a tool in everyday life. it is taken everywhere and can be dropped, hit against something or accidentally broken in many ways. The correct unlocked cell phone insurance will cover this.
  2. Travel: Because you can interchange SIM cards from country to country you will not need to buy or rent cell phones in other locales. This means travelling with your local handset everywhere, thus increasing the risk of loss or accident exponentially. Mobile units get left on planes, in cabs and airports everyday. Don't get caught in this dilemma when a good policy can take care of it.
  3. Small business use: A small business may have 10 or 20 unlocked cell phones paid for in the business. This means an aggregate asset value of up to $20,000 depending on the models owned. Large businesses much bigger. On this scale, risk of loss and accidental damage scales up. Therefore unlocked cellphone insurance is an essential asset protection expense.
  4. Electrical failure: The unlocked cell phone is a combination of electronic components that can break down at any minute. This is most often covered by manufacturers warranty but expires after one year in most cases. Extended warranty policies are an important consideration in selecting cell phone insurance.
  5. Theft: Thieves specialize in fencing all kinds of valuable items and cell phones are no less vulnerable. The latest iPhone 4 are hot items. Insurance is a very good way of avoiding this risk.
  6. Unpleasant surprise: Often the loss of a phone is only felt when you suffer the loss and you learn that it was outside of the warranty period or fell into a category uncovered. By taking out comprehensive unlocked cell phone insurance you eliminate most unforeseen circumstances and you can avoid this. Even the most careful unlocked cell phone owners have mishaps - it is a part of life.
  7. Unlocked cell phone insurance is not a big cash flow item: It can be amortized over a two year period for as little as $3.70 per month. For your protection and peace of mind this is not a serious burden
  8. Unlocked cell phone insurance is cheap: Going the unlocked route means you will naturally hold on to your handset for longer; probably pass it on to your children in years to come. To lose a perfectly good phone in the middle of its life cycle through accident or theft is disquieting. In this light the cost of insurance being about 10% of cost of the unlocked mobile unit is very small indeed.
  9. Insuring your unlocked cell phone in near future: Obtaining unlocked cellphone insurance will become easier in the future months. Ensquared.com a leader in marketing phone insurance.

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